As the nights draw in and temperatures drop, it’s tempting to switch the heating on to keep cosy. But with the recent surge in energy costs and concerns about the environmental health of our planet, many of us will be looking to find ways to heat our homes that don’t involve turning up the thermostat. With the festive season fast approaching, we’ve outlined some of our top tips to stay warm this winter while saving on energy bills and staying eco-friendly.

Wrap up warm

The first is simple – pull on a jumper! By wearing extra layers, you trap body heat in your clothing and retain warmth for longer. When choosing clothes that will keep you insulated, look for natural materials that have temperature-regulating qualities – wool is naturally insulating and helps the wearer maintain a comfortable body temperature, staying cosy without overheating. Thick slippers and socks are also a must, especially in homes with wood or stone floors.

Put the kettle on

When the cold starts to creep in, warm yourself inside and out with a hot drink. Whether you prefer tea, coffee, cocoa, or a hot toddy, a steaming mug warms your hands as well as your stomach.

Even better is a home-cooked meal. Winter is the ultimate time of year for comfort cooking, with soups, stews, and curries taking pride of place on our dinner tables. In addition to warming you from within these meals also heat up the kitchen as they cook, creating another source of warmth in your home.

Get moving

As reluctant as we may be to admit it, it’s still important to exercise throughout the colder months. Not only does it have a positive effect on your physical and mental health, keeping active also boosts your circulation and generates warmth around your body. Though dark skies and damp weather may make the idea of a morning jog seem less appealing, activities such as a bracing post-lunch walk or an at-home cardio session will get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing.

Invest in comfort

Blankets and throws are a time-honoured means of protecting our homes against the cold. By selecting the right kind of traditional wool blanket, you invest in years of comfort and warmth and save money that would otherwise be spent on heating bills.

Wool is the ultimate fabric for long-lasting warmth. In addition to being naturally comfortable, wool is also inherently anti-microbial and dirt-repellent, staying cleaner for longer and preventing it from wearing out. As a naturally renewable fibre, it’s also a more sustainable and eco-friendly option than man-made materials.

To keep cosy throughout the night, sleep under a wool blanket. Wool naturally regulates body temperature, meaning that you can sleep comfortably through the night without waking up too hot or too cold. A heavier blanket, like the ones in our Duchess range of merino wool blankets, is a perfect solution – try layering one on top of the other to lock in heat on a really cold night. Wool isn’t just for winter either – a lighter blanket (like our Lightweight Merino Blanket) makes a great substitute for a duvet in the summer. For the ultimate luxury blanket, our pure cashmere blanket is the most opulent finishing touch to your home.

A throw can help to create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere when sat watching television or reading, whether you’re snuggled underneath it or draping it over the back of the sofa to create a textured surface. Our 100% merino wool Twill and Granite throws are sophisticated and versatile, with a soft inviting feel that makes a home feel even more cosy.

Insulating, sustainable, and stylish, a wool blanket is a cost-effective way to keep your home comfortable and warm throughout the winter months.

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