About Us

For a family mill, established via gold sovereigns saved in a silver pint mug over a fireplace in the late 1700’s, we are lucky and extremely proud, to have touched and influenced so many moments in history.

Both skills and knowledge have been passed down through generations of, not only the Hainsworth family, but the families of our mill workers too; they have also been witnessed by billions of people across the world.

Our John Atkinson wool blankets are woven with every bit of craftsmanship, passion and skill that has been gathered by our teams over our 235 years.

England’s Finest Blankets.

John Atkinson blankets are woven and hand finished in the heart of Yorkshire using the skills, knowledge and craftsmanship that can only be achieved by hundreds of years of passionate and dedicated manufacture. Our blankets dress the homes of Royalty across the globe and are the perfect traditional finishing touch to any home.

Blended from the best raw materials.

True craftsmanship starts with the selection of the best possible fibres, we carefully select only the best quality fleeces from Australia, New Zealand and China for our blankets. We then blend and weave these entirely in-house on the widest looms in the UK, ensuring a truly beautiful finish and size that no other mill can match.

Woven with generations of experience.

Each of our 235 years of experience is evident in the sumptuous handle and beautiful structure of our blankets. Through generations of family and workers we have learnt the perfect way to weave and finish each item to make them super soft and extremely long lasting.

Producing truly luxurious blankets.

Our attention to detail is pure passion and craftsmanship born of a genuine love of wool. Hand stitched and hand finished every blanket receives the personal touch that ensures the highest standards. Our skill, down to how many brush strokes each blanket receives to achieve the perfect lofty finish is second to none, this is what makes our blankets truly England’s’ finest.

Adding heart to every home.

Our traditional techniques and finishing ensures that every blanket is more than just a bed cover, each blanket is that finishing touch that brings the generations together, bringing back memories and helping to build new ones.

Creating your personal haven.

The simple, elegant finish of a John Atkinson blanket allows you to create your special sanctuary, somewhere to rest and reflect while cosy and safe in the arm of centuries of tradition and heritage.

Heirlooms for future generations.

Our heritage and skill ensure that John Atkinsons blankets are not just for one generation but they are lovingly woven to wear and to last, John Atkinson blankets are heirlooms for generations to come.