Pure New Wool Blankets

Our pure new wool blankets and throws are woven using the highest quality pure new wool at the AW Hainsworth Mill in Yorkshire, England. Pure wool comes from the fleece produced naturally by sheep each year. The terms ‘pure’ and ‘new’ refer to wool that has not been used before or blended with any other fibres, producing strong, durable and insulating blankets that are practical and hardwearing, whilst being a warming and elegant addition to a bed or sofa.

Blankets made from wool are naturally odour resistant and hypoallergenic due to the fibre’s unique properties. Wool absorbs up to thirty times as much moisture as polyester, keeping the skin dry and helping to prevent bacteria. Among many other benefits, wool is also natural and sustainable, as well as absorbing harmful pollutants from the air. It’s estimated that wool used in interiors can help purify the air for 30 years.

Our pure wool throws are available in both traditional and contemporary colours to suit any interior or design aesthetic. Complete with stylish fringing at either end, John Atkinson pure wool throws add additional interest and texture to a room, whilst providing warmth on a chilly evening.

Available in a variety of styles, weights, colours and sizes, our pure new wool blankets are lovingly finished by hand. Whether being whipped in colour coordinated stitching or bound with beautiful satin binding, our skilled team of artisans add that extra special personal touch to each and every blanket. This is what makes our blankets truly England’s finest.