What Are Your Delivery Charges?

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What Is Your Returns Policy?

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What Are Your Trading Terms?

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Where Does The Wool Come From?

Wool from Australian and New Zealand sheep is used to create our blankets and throws. This is because the warm climates there produce a finer, softer wool fibre. Due to the relatively cold climate in the UK, the wool produced here is too coarse for blankets or clothing and is mostly used in carpets.

Where Are The Products Made?

From the moment the raw wool is delivered to the creation of the finished product, it is processed solely at our specialist woollen weaving mill in Yorkshire. This means we have full control throughout, from blending the wool, spinning the yarn, weaving, dyeing and all other finishing processes.


How Should I Wash My Blanket Or Throw?

Please see our Care Advice page.

Are your products moth proofed?

We do not moth proof our fabric because the chemical used to treat against moths is harmful to the environment and is now illegal.

How can I protect my blanket or throw from any moth damage?

Dry Cleaning your blanket or throw before storing will help protect it because moths are attracted to food stains and body oils.