England’s Finest Blankets

Woven and hand finished in the heart of Yorkshire.

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John Atkinson Blankets and Throws

Beautifully Crafted Wool Blankets and Throws

John Atkinson wool blankets are woven and hand finished in the heart of Yorkshire using the skills, knowledge and craftsmanship that can only be achieved by hundreds of years of passionate and dedicated manufacture. Our blankets dress the homes of Royalty across the globe and are the perfect, traditional finishing touch to any home.

Pure Lambswool Blanket – Elizabeth

Woven using 100% Pure Lambswool, the Elizabeth is a supremely soft and warming blanket.

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Pure Merino Wool Blanket – Duchess

The 100% merino wool Duchess, a soft and sumptuous blanket to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

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Pure Cashmere Blanket – Cashmere de Lux

Woven with only the finest Cashmere and bound with pure silk or satin to create a blanket that is nothing other than pure luxury.

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