Celebrate the coronation of King Charles III and the splendour of natural Britain with an exclusive commemorative throw. Atkinson Blankets have woven sixty merino wool throws featuring a beautiful original design, available to purchase today.

The Coronation Throw is a salute to the King’s passion for the environment and British wildlife. “The King is one of our most influential green campaigners,” explains Design and Product Development Manager Andrea Noble. “When creating the Coronation Throw I was inspired by Charles’ reputation as an activist and champion of the British countryside.

“I based this design on the wildflowers that you might find growing in a shaded woodland or a cottage garden border, using pencil drawings and original photography. We wove each throw on a jacquard loom so that every detail comes through.”
Andrea Noble

Realised in stunning shades of Kale and Moss Green with a rustic stitched edge, the Coronation Throw depicts an assortment of native British flowers in photo-realistic detail. Each flower is uniquely significant to the occasion. Delphiniums, the King’s favourite, feature prominently and symbolise generosity and joy.

Lily-of-the-valley also grows alongside the tall purple flowers in a poignant tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. “We depicted Charles and Elizabeth’s favourite flowers growing together to represent the duty passed down from mother to son,” says Andrea. “It was important to us to remember the Queen’s long legacy in addition to the King’s future reign.”

To complete the design, a single bee is illustrated buzzing around the flower heads. This detail nods to the King’s interest in beekeeping and symbolises replenishing and sustaining the British landscape.

Though the Coronation Throw commemorates a specific occasion, it should not be stored away as soon as the celebrations are over. It has been designed as a statement piece to be displayed in homes for generations. Like all Atkinson Blankets, the Coronation Throw will be handed down as a treasured heirloom and symbol of iconic British history.

Order your Coronation Throw today: click here to visit the product page.

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